Earth, Wind and Fire, collectively known as The Elements of Abundance, are co-creators of events that restore cultural relevance and communal values to BIPOC experiences.

Located between Boston and New York, New Haven was once a center for cultural and political activity. The Elements are leading the city’s return to its hub status.

Our Mission is to create an international community where cultural exchange creates healing experiences and opportunities for collaboration.

Our Values are best reflected in the seven principles of Kwanzaa developed by Dr. Maulana Karenga in 1966 to reinforce aspects of African cultures which contribute to the preservation of family, community and heritage among people of African descent. The principles of Unity, Self Determination, Collective Work and Responsibility, Cooperative Economics, Creativity, Purpose and Faith compel our vision to restore the culture of BIPOC families and communities through educational and healing experiences.

meet the elements

Shayla "EARTH" Streater

Shayla "EARTH" Streater

An explorer, advocate, and connector of meaningful and loving relationships

Shayla Streater aka Earth brings “grounding” and her supportive flavor to the Elements of Abundance sisterhood. She is an essential oil specialist and believes in letting food be thy medicine. Earth was introduced to these practices during college, leading her on a life-long journey filled with experiences and exploration. She is grateful for these lessons because they have shaped her into the Woman she is today. Earth calls herself a foodie companion and enjoys cooking, talking and teaching about the power of food and essential oils. She is excited to share her experience in the proper usage of essential oils and why every home should be stocked with them. She believes in balance and restoring the WHOLE BODY which encompasses the MIND and SOUL.

Hafeeza "WIND" Turé

Hafeeza "WIND" Turé

A philosophical warrior who illuminates the world around her through exploration

​​Hafeeza Turé ("Wind") is passion and energy in feminine form. Her professional life began as traditionally as most. After earning a B.S. in Accounting and Finance with honors from Norfolk State University, Hafeeza entered corporate America’s broadcast industry and was exposed to the power of media to shape perception. Birthing and motherhood emboldened her passion to connect with the masses and change limiting perceptions. Through her podcast, Labors of Love Podcast (YouTube), Hafeeza provides indigenous mothers and fathers a platform to share our stories and control our narrative about the realities of birth, mortality and parenting. Wind has spent many years committed to personal growth and development. Her own journey of self-love and self-discovery motivates her to support others in their process. Descending from a long line of healers, Wind has chosen discipline and perseverance to heed her calling as a healer. Currently, in her role as a ZOLA Experience Navigator, Hafeeza co-facilitates monthly ZOLA wellness circles for individuals healing from trauma, grief and loss. Hafeeza is an initiated Priestess of an African Spiritual system, a certified Cosmic Sexuality Instructor and Acupuncture Detox Specialist. Wind changes the Elements’ frequency when the threat of misalignment looms.

Arden Santana | "Fire"

Arden "FIRE" Santana

A diplomatic philosophical warrior who advocates for what is righteous

Arden Santana (“Fire”) rose from the social-emotional ashes that a teen-aged mother, an absentee father, and the crack pandemic leaves in the streets of a small city with huge historical significance. As a little girl, Arden played school and office. She grew up observing her grandmother, an assistant librarian, during times when self care wasn’t a goal. Arden loved attending school- going and excelling in spite of no hard push; she completed her freshman year of college at Howard University. To avoid the pitfall of student loans, Arden transferred to Southern Connecticut State University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in English and eventually became a public school teacher. A drive to comprehend human behavior and consciousness led Arden to a master’s degree in Conscious Evolution from the Graduate Institute in Bethany, CT. Every job Arden held since graduating from high school was in the field of Education. Today, she spearheads her own school as Founder of SĀHGE Academy. Fire has left and returned to her hometown of New Haven three times. The charm is being able to give back to the city that raised her. Arden’s calling to teach, and a mature awareness of what she wasn’t taught, guides an educational philosophy that centers the students and civic literacy. Fire’s quest for wholeness, purpose and inspiration is a continuous one. Being a “MAMA” has been the greatest contributor to Arden’s path of self actualization. Arden’s next goal is to earn a Juris Doctorate. Arden is grateful for the divinity found in sisterhood and prays that every woman attracts her circle. In her’s, Fire is known as the mixologist and the one to say what everyone’s thinking but won’t.


We are featured in the New Haven Arts Newspaper in an article titled As The Elements, Three Mothers Grow Community

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